Medieval Story – Alpha release!

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Medieval Story logo

Alpha release!

The Medieval Story Alpha demo has just been released. The alpha is released for demonstrational purposes alongside the game’s indiegogo campaign. You can find the alpha demo and indiegogo campaign here.

I hope you enjoy this one man game project and that you consider supporting the campaign.

Thanks for reading!

Path Wizard Lite for free

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The free version of Path Wizard Lite has been approved by Apple and is now ready for sale. The Lite version contains the Solo mode and the first few levels. Try it out now, it is free!

I would also like to give thanks to those who has purchased the full version of Path Wizard. Your support is what keeps OddGames in business.

Forums online

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The forums are now online and it is possible to register and post topics. Please report any issues you might be having.

The forum framework has been changed and is now handled by phpbb. Searching and avatars should now work like they are supposed to.