Medieval Story

Medieval Story - an action adventure game soon to be released on Steam. Venture down dark forests paths, explore damp caves and abandoned dungeons. Use your wits or fight your way to fame and fortune.

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New website

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As you might have noticed OddGames has revamped its website. Some of the older projects has been removed and new projects have been added. I hope this new design is…

Medieval Story – Alpha release!

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Alpha release! The Medieval Story Alpha demo has just been released. The alpha is released for demonstrational purposes alongside the game’s indiegogo campaign. You can find the alpha demo and…

Development Journal

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OddGames maintains a development journal at This journal is now mirrored using an RSS-feed. You can find the journal in the navigation menu. Visitors from GameDev might have seen…

Path Wizard Lite for free

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The free version of Path Wizard Lite has been approved by Apple and is now ready for sale. The Lite version contains the Solo mode and the first few levels….

Path Wizard available in the App Store

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Path Wizard is now available in the App Store. The game is exclusive to the iPhone/iPod touch range of devices. We are very pleased with this product and appreciate any…

Path Wizard soon available

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Path Wizard has been sent to Apple and is now awaiting review. When it is approved it will be available for sale in the App Store. The official Path Wizard…