Rymdraket is a multiplayer space shooter with up to 6 players. You control your ship in a top-down fashion, similar to classic arcade games such as Asteroids. There are three different game modes, Dogfight, Team fight and Race. Before and after each battle you are taken to a lobby where you can talk, reequip or change ships.

All ships and objects are in full 3D with great detail. There are 12 ships with 3 to 4 skins each, 10 maps with different characteristics such as snow, space and forest themes among others. Rymdraket uses a powerful particle engine capable of rending massive and colorful effects.

Features include:
Realistic physics for ships and other objects.
Multiplayer with up to 6 players.
12 ships, 3-4 skins each.
9 different weapons including lasers, rockets…
10 detailed maps in exotic locations.
3 game modes, Dogfight, Team fight and Race.
Bot game for offline practice.
A server browser.
Lobby chat between battles.

Important, to run a Rymdraket server behind a router it is crucial to port-forward these ports:

TCP: 2300-2400, 30000, 47624
UDP: 2300-2400, 30000, 47624